Welcome to our Enterprise!

M&C was founded in 2004, without finance resources, but with lots of faith and great expectations about the future development of the port industry in our country, Panamá!

Today, we are one of the most important, and well recognized companies in Panama and the region, in the crane market, offering services of installation, repairs, modifications, modernizations and general maintenance of the cranes STS or QCs, RTGs and yard equipments. We have successfully assisted in different ways the installation of more than 200 equipments of the most important crane manufacturers in the world at Latin America and US.

Our long experience in this demanding industry sector, have helped to develop technical skills, which have enabled us to successfully develop other projects in related sectors such as the maritime, power generation and general construction business.

Success of our Company is very related to two pillars: the strict adherence to all standards and specifications related to the work, and the constant search of the continuous improvement in all aspects related to work including but not limited to life's quality of our Technicians and their training, quality of raw materials and equipment, and the review of all the process related to the production circle.

Throughout our development we have faced increasingly complex and high-risk projects, and in all, thanks God!, we have gone ahead successfully and without incidents, due to a careful analysis of all the risks and elements involved.


We have all personnel, tools

equipments necessary to execute our projects in a efficient way and we also have a complete and strong insurances structure, to cover all the risk according with the customers requirements and we have corporate agreements and business alliances with suppliers that allow us to get better rates in the outsourced services required.

In addition to our Headquarter Offices

located in a strategic position in the heart of the beautiful City of Panama, and always looking to the future with optimism, we have embarked on the acquisition of a parcel of land of over 40,000 square meters in which we will be developing our corporate headquarters plus a containers yard, storage warehouses and fabrication workshops for large steel structures, barges and machines.

In the near future

by owning warehouses, we may keep a better price in the storage costs of the products we represent, to offer a best price to our customers and suppliers.

We cordially invite you to take a moment to review our portfolio of services on our website.