Major Structural Repairs And Modifications

We have all the equipment and qualified personel, specially trained to perform complex structural repairs. Additionally we have corporate agreements with the main mobile crane rental suppliers, steel sellers, and others materials related, to get the best rates of the market in our price.

Our technical skills allow us to develop together with the best advisors, selected according with dimensions of the problem, the most efficient solutions to any problem. We also can perform the repairs according with the specifications supplied by the customer or manufacturer.

Panama is in the middle of Latinamerica and is a hub with daily connections to all countries in the region. This allow us to transport our technicians in a faster and economic way to any place in North, Central or South America and Caribe Region.

Manufacturing Of Steel Structures And Machine Parts.

No matter the complexity or simplicity of your structure or machine, our qualified fabricators will help you to the extent of your requirements and in accordance with the required specifications.

We specialize in oversized structures, we can manufacture modular form for easy transport or site.

Our welders are certified AWS D1.1 and Bureau Veritas. Other special certifications required can be supplied according to project requirements.

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Surface Preparation And Paint Application.

Surface preparation and coating application on new structures and for maintenance works.

Surface preparations methods available: sandblasting and power tools, according with SSPC Standards. Paint application: by Airless Sprayers, Conventional Spray, Roller and Brush according with customer requirements.

We work at height by manlifts, telescopic crane baskets, or by rope Access (Industrial Abseiling). Our technicians were trained by Officials of Fire Fighters Corps of Panama.

Our painting tool box, includes monitoring kits for confined spaces, for  CO, HS, LEL and O2. We have tools to force input/output of fresh air, and always, in advance to works, we have to prepare a detailed procedure for entrance and test the emergency rescue plan

Electrification Projects And Crane Retrofit.

Electrification projects of RTGs, not only help to generate significant savings (up to 70% of fuel cost) for customers. It is also an important contribution to reducing emissions to the environment.

Vahle is a Germay company that have developed a simple and strong system that have been installed by M&C in more than 5kms of the containers yard at PPC Balboa and Cristobal.

The installation consist of bus bars installed over concrete blocks that allows the port to do a quickly maintenance and repair of any part of the line. The voltage in the line is safe for all people at the terminal.

M&C also have performed the installation of the Control System developed by Vahle in more than 20 RTGs, including the installation of cabinets, installation of power, control and FO Cables.

We also assist the installation at MITPAN of their electrification system by Cable Reels in several cranes.

We are able to assist you with the retrofit of any part of the control system of your crane including all the electrical services related and fabrication of accessories (brackets and conduit pipes or cable trays).


General Maintenance Of Yard’s Equipments

According with the fast and great development of the port Industry in our Country M&C, is currently working in the strenghtening of maintenance division for extent our range of general maintenance services to all the yard equipments in the terminal including:

Development of maintenance programs for fleets of equipment according to customer requirements including

Main structure inspection and repairs.

Lubrication and greasing.

Inspection of wire ropes and its replacement.

Preventive maintenance, filter replacements, cleaning fuel tanks.

Replacement of wearing parts.

General hydraulics.

Replacement of FO Cables and connectors.


Air conditioning.

Cleaning and painting.

Engineering Services And Inspections

M&C together with its specialized advisors is capable to offer a wide range of engineering services and customized solutions:

Design and modification of spreaders and lifting beams.

Rigging Plans.

Crane modifications.

Crane modifications.

Inspection of the main structure by following methods:

Visual Inspection (VT)

Penetrant Dyes (PT)

Magnetic Particles (MT)

Conventional UT and Phase Arrays (UT).

Eddy Current or Focault Current for Inspection of Condenser Pipes.

Magnetic Flow Leakage (MFL) For Inspection of Wire Ropes.

Additionally we are starting the process of Cerification of ISO 12070 to became a Inspection Level Organization Level 1.